Den Bosch is a city full of history. As you move through the city centre you can experience this yourself. The old buildings, channel the "binnendieze", the St. John's Cathedral, and more ....

S-Hertogenbosch is the official name of the city. But most locals name this "Den Bosch". Which means ' the forest of the Duke '. This Duke granted city rights in 1185 and the corresponding trade privileges. To keep out foreign armies and looters, many cities built walls. Later, there were also earthen walls and bastions.

The oldest place in the heart of's-Hertogenbosch is the triangular market. Around this square stood the earliest walls. 's-Hertogenbosch has a rich history. Within the city walls has largely preserved its medieval structure of's-Hertogenbosch. The late-Gothic St. John's Cathedral, the Classicist Town Hall and the oldest brick house ' De Moriaan ' remind you of days gone by. Just like the many winding, staggered streets lined with warehouses and merchant's houses.

Golden Dragon

This name is related to the nature reserve "Het Bossche Broek". Het Bossche Broek and's-Hertogenbosch are inseparable and have their existence thanks to each other. This swampy River clay and grounds area was in the history of the city of's-Hertogenbosch a natural defensive work. The fortress was considered invincible and was nicknamed ' The Swamp Dragon '. This (gold-plated) swamp Dragon is found as a statue in front of the railway station.